New sustainable innovative products and technologies for the wine and wine-making sectors

Project financed under the 2014-2020 Tuscany ERDF ROP – the acquisition of services for innovation – Action 1.1.2 – Innovation A

This project aimed at obtaining products for the improvement and customization of the winemaking process, including through use and procedures diversified according to the wine vessels used, employing natural active ingredients and yeasts. In this sense, the present project envisaged the optimization of tannin-based products that can be used bioactivation and/or inerting and deactivation systems of wine vessel surface transfer processes. In addition, this project aimed at the design and implementation of new formulations of antimicrobial, biocide and repellent products with high polyphenolic content obtained from the reuse of wine industry by-products and oenological effluents. Further research activity involved the selection of a nano cut-off membrane; in particular, a technology capable of concentrating not only must but also low molecular weight active ingredients such as gallic acid, caffeic acid and hydroxytyrosol derivatives was selected.

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