The Oenological Chemical Institute was founded in 1927 by Dr. Cesare Iozzi with the aim of satisfying the growing needs of the wine sector, creating wines without defects and with a longer shelf life.

Point of reference for many producers as reported by Prof. Gino Florenzano, Professor at the University of Florence.

“…It was towards the end of 1949 that I had the good fortune to personally meet Dr. Cesare Jozzi, when he came to visit me in the institute where I worked, to exchange some ideas with me on yeasts in winemaking. In that period I was actively involved in the yeasts of Tuscan winemaking and perhaps this earned me the request for that appointment. The meeting was beneficial for me in the sense that I had the opportunity to realize his admirable zymotechnical experience which had led him as a self-taught person to obtain selected strains of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae that were interesting and suitable for Tuscan winemaking both in terms of SO2 behavior and valuable oenological characteristics.
The great demand for these strains allows Dr. Jozzi to carry out a detailed work of zimotechnical interventions, increasingly appreciated because they are aimed at making winemaking more rational and less empirical and at raising the average standard of wine quality.

…In the field of zymotechnical applications in oenology, he also developed and applied freeze-drying to the preparation of selected yeasts, formulated preparations of nutritional salts, associated or not with SO2, and adjuvants for wine fermentation and refermentation, widely marketed and always responsive to the oenological requirements.
To this pre-eminent work, efficiently ensured by a wine control and research service in the Poggibonsi laboratory, Dr. Jozzi arrived after a fruitful routine in the field of wine chemistry, in which his contribution, although a natural consequence of his strong professional preparation, received recognition and satisfaction. It is enough to recall the method of dosing iron in wines and the development of an apparatus, which he designed and patented, for the determination of volatile acids in wines.
The merits, briefly outlined, of the work carried out by Dr. Jozzi, however, are surpassed by his personality and the high human qualities that characterized her. Modest and shy, gifted with the liveliness and critical spirit of the Tuscan people, he possessed, to a marked extent, a profound and ancient sense of friendship and elegance. His figure as a meritorious figure in Tuscan oenology, even without the official recognition he deserved, as an upright and prepared man, will remain alive in the hearts and minds of winemakers, family members, collaborators and those who knew him.”

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