The ever-increasing need to characterize wines produced in different wine-growing regions prompted us to create our own line of products with the aim of offering the customized solution for every need. Our technicians, in close collaboration with leading international research centers, are involved in the research and development of all formulations in the I.C.E. Istituto Chimico Enologico line.Our primary commitment is to the quality of the oenological products, which are tested and then characterized through laboratory tests.Only after careful analysis of the results and subsequent industrial testing are the products marketed.

The entire production cycle, from the mixing of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product, takes place at our facility, this allows us to have total control of the process. Thanks to the certified control system and the countless checks we carry out, from the entry of the raw material to all the production stages, we have the possibility of guaranteeing the end customer a high and constant level of quality, as well as total traceability of the cycle and the product sold.

In addition to the standard range of the I.C.E. Istituto Chimico Enologico line, thanks to the company’s total production independence and elasticity, we can offer customized and specific solutions for individual oenological needs.

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